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How to choose the blade of JNJ agitator

2014-04-24 14:06:01

JNJ agitator stirring action generated by the moving blades . Thus , blade shape, size , quantity and speed of the impact JNJ agitator function. As the stirring impeller type chemical and food industry wide scope because the impeller has a wide range, so really for oil drilling liquid agitator impeller type is also only three of four. Common JNJ agitator impeller can be roughly divided into four types , namely, paddle , open type , disc turbine and propeller .

JNJ agitator

After long-term accumulation of experience and experimental studies , the relative relationship between the various types of impeller sizes already have a general range , beyond these ranges designed impeller , regardless of appearance or performance are not satisfactory. Similarly , corresponding to the operating conditions , the viscosity of the medium generally has a certain flow conditions are recommended range .


Currently oil solids control equipment at home and abroad , the most commonly used JNJ agitator impeller is only two, one is open turbine , one is a turbine disc . Optional paddle and rarely push . The turbine used to open up the straight blade . In the turbine disc , flat sheet , folding blades and the curved blades are commonly used . Because if not open the shutter turbine also has a strong vertical convection , therefore, in more advanced drilling liquid agitator has been widely used.

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