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The introduction of intergal heavy weight drill pipe

2014-12-25 15:27:11

Increase of medium intergal heavy weight drill pipe and drill pipe is a kind of similar drill, and pure wall thicker than the drill pipe, thinner than drill collar. Tube body have special extended tool joint connection. In combination with general between drill pipe and drill collars, prevents the sudden change in the cross section of the drill string, to reduce the tiredness of the drill pipe. Use it to replace part of the drill collar, can reduce the load torque and ascension in drilling deep Wells, increase the ability to drill deep. Trip doesn't need enhancing nipple slip and safety, convenient operation, reduce the time of the trip. Used in directional well, can be in a lower torque under the condition of high speed drilling, reduce the wear and tear of the drill string. Because of its small rigidity than the drill collar, and wall contact area is small, is not easy to form differential pressure sticking

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