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Five advantages of our integral heavy weight drill pipe

2014-01-07 11:26:31

Integral heavy weight drill pipe is made from AISI 4145H steel, the material has passed all the heat treatment. Heavy weight drill pipe is the transition of the drill string and drill collars, drill pipe section between the ordinary, it can effectively alleviate the drill collars and drill pipe in the combined stress concentration in the transition section provides WOB, and can effectively reduce the drill string and the connection area and the outer diameter of the borehole wear rate. The central part of the drill has the appearance of thicker sections, joints and thickened portion of the intermediate cladding alloy welded into a wearable belt, can effectively protect the drill pipe from abrasion. Heavy weight drill pipe can replace the drill collars resolved under softer geological structure, the vertical drilling a series of problems emerged, its advantages include:
1, to reduce high-speed drilling, deep drilling torque
2, with less time to drive the drill collar section of the drill string
3, to reduce the tool joint fatigue damage
4, easy to run and operate the drill string
5, can help maintain directional wells
Integral heavy weight drill pipe, fittings at both ends and in the middle part of the deposited weld thicker standard wear with which male and female buckle ends of each 4 "wide belt wear, the central thickened portion has a 3" wide hardbanding. Hardbanding adjacent pipe surface thickness not exceeding 1/8. "

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