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What is the gas liquid separators?

2013-12-16 13:54:00

The gas liquid separators can be installed in the gas compressor exit, used for gas liquid separation, fractionation condensation cooler gas by fog, all kinds of gas washing tower, absorption tower and desorption tower gas phase fog etc.. The gas liquid separators can also be applied to gas dust removal, oil-water separation and liquid impurity removal, and other industrial and civil applications.
The basic principle of gas liquid separators is the use of gas-liquid ratio difference, in a sudden expansion of container, the velocity is reduced, to the mainstream body, droplet slight subsidence and separation of gas and the gas phase, or by using a cyclone separator, liquid drop subtle imported high-speed airflow over the wall of the gas phase after the collision, lose energy and turn the gas separation.
Gas liquid separators is separated by a rotating device, foam breaking device and liquid mist catching device has three major components. Advantages of this product are: As a result of rotation of discrete components and broken foam separation components, high separation efficiency, low noise, simple structure, small pressure loss, large capacity, no external power, reliable operation; reservoir devices and support Block for the vertical structure, it can be horizontal mounting structure, and can be installed level gauge and level transmitters and other instruments.

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