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Our gas liquid separator adopts the high quality material

2014-01-21 14:57:15

Gas liquid separator is a special equipment for gas drilling fluid primary degassing. It is mainly used to remove gas cut drilling fluid in diameter about ≥ φ 3mm bubble. These large bubble refers to the expansion of gas drilling fluid most full of wellbore annulus of a section of, if not removed, easily lead to kick, even out of a drill plate surface. The use of gas liquid separator and electronic ignition device can ensure drilling process smoothly. Gas liquid separator adopts the high quality material, which can effectively prevent the erosion of harmful gases, ensure human safety. Liquid gas separator is composed of 6 parts: 1) the exhaust pipe, 2) pulp inlet, 3) safety valve, 4) manhole, 5) pulp out mouth, 6) sewage outfall

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