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Factors influencing capacity and efficency of shale shaker

2013-06-13 11:35:05

Shale shaker are often used to be the first stage of a solids control system on a drilling rig. They are used to remove large solids from the drilling mud. there are five main part of  shale shaker. they are Hopper, Feeder,Screen Basket, Basket Angling Mechanism and Vibrator. The volume of fluid processed per unit of time by a shale shaker depends on many factors.

Main factors shale shaker as follow :
1, Type of screen motion, The type of motion of shaker screen will influence the ultimate position of the vibrating assembly relative to the deck of the shaker and the motion track of cuttings. It can be : Circular-elliptical or linear.
2, Vibrating amplitude of the shaker screen
3, Vibrating frequency of the shaker screen
4, G-force : This is the force imparted by the vibrating system of the shaker to the screen surface to vibrate for solids separation.
5, Mesha nd Weaving type of screen cloth
6 Drilling fluid properties such as density,PV,YP and Gel strengths.
7, Load of solid on the screen ( Increases with the increase of pump output and mud solid content )

GN Solids Control  in designing our high performing shale shaker, We are considered many factors which will influence the capacity and performance of our shale shaker.  Since drill solids degrade rapidly when first processed. It is critical they quickly be removed from the circulating mud. That’s where the shaker comes in. playing a vital role in the solids control system. Our high capacity shale shaker deliver unmatached solids removal. It have been exported to over 60 countries so far.

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