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ERW steel pipe production and development

2014-10-22 16:02:05

-- welded steel pipe production accounted for about 70% of the total output of the world steel pipe;
-- ERW steel pipe production accounted for the world about 80% of the total output of welded steel pipe;
-- ERW oil casing production accounted for about 40% of total world oil casing;
-- ERW pipeline length of the total length of the world each year about 50% of the oil pipe line.

From the development of foreign ERW welded steel pipe, can draw the following inspiration:
-- part of the edge to the development of seamless pipe market, the core ERW welded steel pipe on one hand; on the other hand, ERW welded steel pipe to submerged arc welded pipe for petroleum and natural gas long-distance pipeline of small diameter market development;
-- the existence and development of ERW welded pipe, and is closely related to the seamless steel pipe, spiral pipe, tube type can play their respective advantages, thus forms the competitive state; it can form a complementary coexistence state due to the characteristics of each tube type.

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