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What is the effect of stabilizer about anti-jamming technology in drilling

2013-07-01 15:00:56

What is the effect and advantage of stabilizer in drilling? I think we should know rich experience about using of stabilizer.

Stabilizer narrowed the gap with the hole wall of drill pipe, drill pipe bending to prevent, drill can be designed according to the angle and the trajectory drilling. Stabilizer are spherical about 55cm makes bit role in blast hole wall rock "kan" normal stress, the sliding friction into a ball and rock in "kan", obviously reduces the uplift resistance. If using traditional cylindrical centralizing blocks, will cause the cylinder and the rock ridge collided, causing the drilling was stuck in the centralizer, not to prevent card effect. If the "flower drum" Fuzheng block, although can prevent the card, but will increase the resistance effect of flushing fluid, flushing fluid circulation, causing the rock powder too much precipitation, and even cause the locking hole. Therefore, the spherical centralizer is best anti-jamming design.

The use of stabilizer after, to avoid sticking, so put the tool to the normal. The use of stabilizer construction after 4 and 5 hole angle is 56 degrees, the formation conditions and drilling holes in the same structure with 2, 13.0m, 26.0m, 33.0m footage to dispose.

Don't meet hard pyrite band sandstone, footage is slow, and the top drill phenomenon, but due to the use of the stabilizer, smoothly through, in accordance with design requirements to achieve 50.0m depth.

The above is only a gross introduction about stabilizer in drilling, and we should spend more time to know the item to improve the working quality.

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