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How to extend the service life of the drill pipe

2014-01-08 14:08:48

The drill pipe is a device, which is used for connecting the drill ground equipment and in drilling bottom drilling and grinding equipment or bottom. In order to prolong the service life of drill pipe, what you need to do is as follows:
1, the use of new drill pipe, drill cutting (protection should be determined before the head of screw thread) is also close to a bad snap new head easily damage the new drill pipe, causing Water Leakage, buckle, loose state.
2, in the first drilling with the drill pipe, should "wear new button", which included the first thread, with oil, then drill to tighten, open the buckle, with thread compound on again, so repeated three times, can avoid wear and buckle.
Maintain the drill pipe is linear and the ground below the surface in the 3, as far as possible, so that we can avoid the threaded part of the side force and the wear caused by unwanted, even jump button, pay attention to the drill anchor to avoid stress is very important in the construction of mobile.
4, the thread should be slowly tighten, reduce the thermal wear.
5, each thread must be used when the torque tightening, and always pay attention to clip status is good.
6, shorten the drilling into the mouth of the distance, as if the lack of support for the drill pipe, drill pipe propelling guide easy bending deformation, resulting in shortened life span.
7, keep the entrance angle as small as possible, slow to change the angle of drill pipe safety requirements.
8, do not exceed the maximum bending radius of drill pipe, special attention is changed into a horizontal section and drill when drilling into the change of angle change drill.
9, keep the alternate use of drill pipe, drill pipe to avoid fixed using fixed guide and back reaming, have to take turns, to avoid excessive wear and broken rod.

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