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Drilling mud tanks is compact, small footprint, better grit removal effect

2014-03-06 09:51:31

Drilling mud tanks is an essential equipment in the oil, gas, minerals and salt and other geological drilling process, a purification device device has. It consists of the tank, the slurry tank, the slurry agitator configuration, the upper portion of the slurry tank mounted in the tank, the tank top mounted agitator, the tank body is divided into two by the partition plate portion, characterized in that the tank is mounted on top of two a vertical sand pump and desander, in addition to mud, sand pump outlet desander through lines and, in addition to imports of mud is connected, sand pump and motor linked. Below desander and mud were fitted with a small shaker. The device is compact, small footprint, good grit removal effect. It reduces mud losses, relocation transportation vehicles use less, saving labor, easily damaged parts, extended service life.

Drilling mud tanks
Mud tank circulation system is divided into square cans and conical tank according to the shape of the tank bottom. Tank with flat conical structure or corrugated structure, steel and steel welding. Tank surfaces and corridors with professional manufacturers skid plate and skid strip stencil, using square steel railing tank surface produced for accessibility collapsible structure, plug firmly. Mud tanks tank surface with water circulation system piping and equipment for surface cleaning tank, tank stencil using dip zinc surface treatment. The tank using a ladder to do the main channel, with a non-slip strip stencil do pedal, bilateral offers insurance-linked fence. Oil drilling mud tank of a standard sand, anti canopy, set the heating tank insulation pipeline.
Drilling mud tanks is suitable for oil drilling mud purification and storage. By recycling the slurry tank purify fluids can greatly improve the level crossing rate, reducing mud pump, drill, drill bit wear, saving mud materials, reduce drilling costs, protect the environment, mud tanks in order to bring considerable economic benefits.

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