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Drilling liquid agitator function and characteristics

2014-02-12 15:08:17

Drilling liquid agitator is the agitation special equipment which is used in oil drilling mud circulation tank. Drilling liquid agitator is mounted directly on the circulation tank. Impeller stirrer certain depth below the surface of the depth of drilling, drilling fluid directly after starting the stirring, by means of agitation for the purpose of drilling fluid mixed with a stirrer to eliminate the presence of solid particles to improve the dispersibility of the solid phase, plus large viscosity and gel strength, so that drilling fluid to maintain performance requirements in a timely manner to provide for the drilling fluids needed to ensure the safety of the drilling process smoothly.
Drilling liquid agitator features:
1), the curve bevel gear drive, high transmission efficiency, low power loss.
2), the curve of total coincidence degree bevel gears, tooth radius of curvature is large, high load carrying capacity.
3), between the driving wheel and the driven wheel drive axis offset using innovative design allows the stirrer to work more smoothly, lower noise.
4), HT200 high-strength cast iron shell surface hammer paint spraying, eye-catching appearance.
5), the use of circular cylindrical worm reducer shaft arc-shaped cross-section cylindrical worm, tooth for the turbine and the turbine phase conjugate circle. Uneven teeth together so reliable performance, high efficiency, compact structure.
6), and explosion-proof motor reducer combination, easy maintenance, suitable for harsh conditions under field conditions.
7), followed by stirring intensity, wide spread range, and reduces the resistance from the start.
8), the motor horizontally, installation, adjustment, easy to replace.
9), seal with a special mechanism to solve the problem of unreliable seal.
10), in addition to direct-coupled to the coupling of intermediate links, simple structure, reliable performance.
11), according to customer requirements, configuration, double impeller.

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