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How to use the automatic drilling fluid centrifuger

2014-01-22 15:41:56

Drilling fluid centrifuger is a device which makes use of centrifugal force to accelerate the separation of different materials.

Use steps of the automatic drilling fluid centrifuger:

(1) Before use, first check the mechanical components are in good condition.

(2) Level the washing instrument is uniformly placed on the inner cage drum.

(3) Start the motor, so that the cage gradually accelerated speed. According to the type of fabric, usually 5-10 minutes to complete dry off.

(4) Press the "Stop" button, the motor power. Dehydration of natural slowdown after a period of time, manipulate the brake handle, carry out intermittent brake operation, achieved within the cage stopped.

(5) After the mechanical stop, you can remove the fabric.

Automatic drilling fluid centrifuger precautions:

(1) The strength of the different absorbent fabric to dehydration separately.

(2) Newly installed dehydrator or a new connection wires must ensure that the motor rotation direction is correct.

(3) Because the fabric is placed serious irregularity leading to strong vibration, immediately turn off the power switch, re-placing the fabric even after dehydration.

(4) The amount of fabric is placed not overloaded. Especially when dry off other items like clothing and non-special attention.

(5) When the mechanical operation, dewatering machine can not reach into the cage area.

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