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Nine functional of the drilling fluid

2014-03-12 14:39:08

As we all know, oil drilling fluids are blood throughout the system. Solid control system which can return to the ground by the wellhead large cuttings, barite and other large for effective separation of solid particles, the treated fluids can be reused. Oil drilling solid control is through the solids control system or part of the solids control equipment will return to the ground wellhead drilling fluids for processing recycling. Thereby reducing the cost of drilling, and are environmentally friendly.
Now, solids control equipment in oil drilling solid control of the application include: shale shaker, desander, desilter, horizontal spiral centrifuge, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, liquid-gas separator, slurry agitation , a screw conveyor, sand pump, shear pumps.
Drilling fluid effects:
1. Balance ( control ) formation pressure . Prevent blowout, lost circulation , prevent formation fluid contamination of the drilling fluid .
2. balance the side wall of rock pressure in the wellbore to form the cake , closure and stabilize the wall . Prevent pollution and reservoir wall collapsed .
3. Clean the bottom , carrying debris . Keep the bottom clean , avoid duplication drill cutting , reduce wear and improve efficiency.
4. cooling and lubricating the drill bit and drill string . Reducing the temperature of the drill bit , drill reduce wear and improve the life of the tool .
5. suspended cuttings and weighting agent . Reduce debris settling velocity , avoid heavy Shaka drill .
6. In addition to the ground can sink sand and debris .
7. the effective hydraulic power transmission . Transmission power required downhole drilling and hydraulic power drill .
8. bear part of the drill pipe and casing of gravity . Drilling and casing drilling for buoyancy , can reduce the time from tripping load up the system.
9. hydraulic fracturing rock. Drilling through the high-speed jet nozzle can be formed directly or secondary crusher crushing rocks.
In summary, the drilling fluid in oil drilling solid control project is the blood of the entire system , if the solid particles contained in the slurry is too large , too much may cause a blowout , sticking, is not conducive to control the speed and cost of drilling . But after a solid control system production will return to the drilling fluid within the solid particles were separated from the solid phase to achieve control , stability conducive to the stability and performance of the drilling fluid . More conducive to drilling speed , and can reduce the cost of drilling , are environmentally friendly.

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