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Two types of drilling fluid mud gun to meet different needs

2014-03-20 14:08:43

Our company has a spray gun mud effect, large cleaning area, the device is a simple structure, flexible operation, easy to use.According to the structure, drilling fluid mud gun can be divided into two categories: fixed and rotation type.
1, The fixed drilling fluid mud gun with a nozzle similar to the hydraulic tank stirred pipeline. drilling fluid mud gun mounted on the bottom of the tank away from the big two 200mm on the angle of the nozzle direction parallel to the longitudinal circulation tank tank wall . This will form a layer of drilling fluid tank rotation , and in the height direction from the jet effect to ensure that the drilling fluid convection .
Jet is a venturi tube , fitted with a nozzle at one end of the pipeline . High-speed liquid discharged from the nozzle according to the Venturi effect , the liquid through the conduit narrowing portion , causes the flow rate increases while the static pressure is reduced, so that in the vicinity of the nozzle outlet to produce a low pressure region , the low pressure liquid jets around the tube drawn into the ejection liquid this is very similar to a jet mixer.
2 , Rotary drilling fluid mud gun is divided into two kinds of manual adjustment and automatic rotation . Manual adjustment of the drilling fluid mud gun with two hinges, the input pipe casing gun and interchangeable nozzle.
Gun with nozzle relying two hinges, can be sprayed in any direction of rotation and in two mutually perpendicular planes . The operator holding the handle rotating gun , you can make the nozzle aligned in any direction. A suction tube mounted in the gun housing , a rubber ring seal , using steel balls positioned to prevent movement of the shaft. To prevent the reaction to the ejection of the gun is rotated, is also equipped with a fixing pin disc far , the operator can ensure that the gun is fixed in any position

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