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Processing range of the drilling liquid cleaner

2014-04-02 15:24:36

Drilling liquid cleaner is solid control process efficiency with the lowest solids control equipment (10% of individual wells team than drilling desilter usage time). Primarily due to the unstable range of drilling liquid cleaner separation of the solid phase, better separation of drilling fluid shale shaker and drilling fluid centrifuger significantly, drilling liquid cleaner in certain cases the processing range can be instead by drilling fluid shale shaker and drilling fluid centrifuger.
drilling liquid cleanerDrilling liquid cleaner located drilling fluid shale shaker in solid control of the process after the centrifuge before, their main purpose is through the drilling fluid shale shaker filter also mixed in the drilling fluid is more tiny solid particles cleared out. Drilling liquid cleaner is the core component of the hydrocyclone, centrifugal sedimentation that is based on the principle of separation of solid-liquid separation equipment design, it is the ability to separate the solid phase and structural parameters itself into the plasma pressure and drilling fluid characteristics. Hydrocyclone solid particles relatively gentle curve, even with a small diameter is difficult swirler large particle diameter of the solid phase to 100% clean.
But drilling liquid cleaner has an irreplaceable function: when the shale shaker can not be used (such as drilling fluid vibrating screen clogging or damage), you can use them to remove the drilling fluid from the shale shaker to clear a large drilling liquid-solid phase particles.

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