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Why to choose spiral drill collars ?

2013-12-27 10:15:30

Spiral drill collars can be prevented drilling block differential pressure during the drilling process, spiral groove can drill mud around the collar to balance the pressure to prevent the formation of blocking free flow, thereby effectively preventing differential pressure sticking phenomenon. It can reduce the contact area with the drilling shaft lining, which can effectively reduce the possibility of differential pressure block. Spiral drill collars are widely used because of its own nature, this particular spiral drill collars to reduce sidewall and tube contact area, thus avoiding the drill string "sticking".
Spiral drill collars weight is less 4-6% than round drill collar.
The drill collar is used to increase the pressure for more drilling drill string weight, accelerate the penetration rate. Because of its strong rigidity, good stability, but also played a supporting role of wellbore trajectory of drill. Spiral drill collars and non-magnetic drill collar drill collar belongs to special drill collar, wherein the spiral drill collars are on the whole drill collar cylindrical surface machining three spiral grooves, to reduce the contact area of the borehole wall, spiral drill collars to prevent pressure difference and sticking effective. Without monitoring magnetic drill collar is mainly used in oil drilling process.

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