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Desilter maintenance in different period

2014-03-18 14:27:37

Desilter is used to remove solid particles of 20-40 µm in drilling liquid. The desilter of this type that has been reformed many times on the applications for years is reliable in technical performance and provides very good treatment results. Its water cyclone is of long service life and stable performance. It is applicable to various kinds of drills in the oilfields.
One, Desilter maintenance in the day when use it:
1, check the inlet pressure to meet the requirements, to ensure that small hole cleaner, and appropriate regulation.
2, in addition to sand pump and lubrication in addition to mud pump packing.
3, check the wear-resistant rubber conical inner surface of the wear liner.
Two, Desilter maintenance after 100 days:
1, the back wheel to raise butter.
Three, Desilter maintenance after two years:
1, check the sand pump impeller, sand pump casing and pump, drain valve, if necessary, replace the impeller, the pump casing or butterfly valve assembly that rubber.
2, dismantling the sand pump bearings and seals, replace if necessary.
3, check hydrocyclone and hydrocyclone tapered bushing components, if necessary, replaced.

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