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What are the forms of desander?

2014-03-25 14:01:27

Desander can be used to separate solid particles from 45 to 74 microns. Desander forms can be divided into two categories: one category is filtered or mesh type desander; other is gravity desander, including jet desander, cyclonic desander and simple sedimentation tank .
One, cyclonic desander
Cyclonic desander in America, Russia has been widely used in oil and gas gathering process. Mainly by the cyclone and tanks connected in the following. Water in the sand under the centrifugal action and crude oil produced by separation of liquid flow according to the different components of the density, the light component is discharged through the exhaust pipe, sand and free water and recombinant shunt into the tank, regular efflux. Sand and the upper part of the water tank and a small part of oil and emulsion, the oil pipe and the oil discharge valve to the exhaust pipe.
Two, filter sand separator
The desander is horizontal. A baffle is arranged in the inlet, to prevent fluid shock filter element directly, to contribute to the separation of sand. Export can prevent the liquid gasification role, avoid to reduce filtration efficiency caused by liquid gasification. When the desander due to blockage or other causes higher pressure, the pressure controller can control valve is opened, the drilling fluid can not flow into the desander.
Three, pipe type desander
Sand removing system consists of two export sand removing device, an assembly in low water outlet of the separator, another assembly in the oil outlet to a sand removing effect. The solid separated was collected, dehydration, and then transported to a processing apparatus thorough dehydration and treatment. In order to maximize the removal of sand containing oil, water in the tube, in each outlet low pressure separator installation of the same size desander. Desander acts as a fixed size orifice, at a fixed flow rate, can keep the normal pressure. Desander has a circuit, ensure the continuity of production.
Four, the gravity type desander
The desander works by gravity change flow velocity and direction of motion, the removal of crude oil produced in the sand. The gravity type desander, composed of sand pump and cyclone. The device on the crude oil demulsification, removing sand taken pipeline demulsification, changing the flow velocity and direction of the drilling fluid, thermochemical demulsification, gravity sedimentation, water washing, drilling fluid with low pre settlement, and cyclone sand and a series of effective methods, achieved good results.

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