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The working principle of the cyclonic desander

2014-02-26 13:38:50

Cyclonic desander is two level solids control equipment, which is used to process fluids. Cyclonic desander is simple structure, easy installation, smooth vibration, safe and reliable, long service life.
cyclonic desander
Our cyclonic desander overcome the shortcomings of the original grit removal process. cyclonic desander the inlet tube, row and row bucket of sand cone composed of sand mouth, row of sand inside the cone, with a rotating member, the rotating member of the cylinder wall, opened a separate window, the upper part of the cylinder wall of the rotary member, a set of tapered slot and drilling fluid inlet tube constitutes an increase of members. Leaves cyclonic desander arranged in the bottom of the rotary member, row row sand regulator controls the amount of sand. Drilling fluid from the inlet tube into the rotary member by centrifugal rotary vane, liquid rises to the window separating sand and drilling fluids at the time of separation, sand discharged through the window in the row of sand separating the cone, the drilling fluid to rise after the separation into components, drilling fluid discharge port by the taper of the drilling fluid into the tank. Sand row inside the cone of sand, sand regulator control via exhaust discharge sand discharge port.

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