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2014-02-24 11:34:12

Cyclonic desander is the main equipment of drilling fluid solid phase separation, removal of harmful solid mud in drilling fluid, stable performance, improve drilling efficiency.

Cyclonic desander is the two level of drilling fluid solid control system. According to the cyclone diameter of different sizes, divided into cyclonic desander and cyclone desilter. General than 8 "combination called cyclone desander, commonly used is 8", 10 ", 12" separation size, mainly used in drilling fluid to solid 47-76 μ M. According to the customer request processing size, choose several groups of cyclone combined into desander
cyclonic desander

The main advantages of cyclonic desander:

1, Cyclonic desander cyclone polyurethane material selection, long life, light weight, easy to maintain.

2, Separation capability, separation size range; solid particle removal can be ≥ 47 μ M

3, The cyclone underflow is pressurized umbrella "wet bottom" sand that can quickly discharge the separation of particles, reducing the probability of underflow outlet plug.

4,Liquid feeding mechanism, the 4 symmetric swirl distribution is reasonable, stable work.

5, Low noise, large quantity, long service life of the sieve net.

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