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Precautions about the drilling liquid cleaner

2014-04-15 10:53:26

While the shale shaker is only processed in the cyclone underflow material, it is not a full flow of drilling fluid. Drilling liquid cleaner for shale shaker may also occur clogging. You can use the following methods to prevent and overcome.
drilling liquid cleaner(1) Placed approximately 200 block polyurethane block in drilling fluid vibrating screen under. When the vibration drilling fluid vibrating screen, slider on drilling fluid vibrating screen within the zone under sliding, and no law against the screen, screen mesh and help loose particles released into the.
(2) Use a chain, a little on the screen, the rest is suspended in the screen frame,when the vibration drilling fluid shaker screen above, that chain also on the screen is not only the vibration movement, its role as the slider as mentioned above. This method every time can be about 10min.
(3) Use spray water beam flushing screen fine, generally do not recommend using this method. Because this part of the water will dilute the drilling fluid, caused by the change of drilling fluid properties.

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