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Henan Wein Industry Co.,Ltd. a professional China drill collars manufacturer

2014-11-24 15:25:04

Henan Wein Industry Co.,Ltd. is a professional drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe, drill collars manufacturer in China. The company has invested heavily in the completion of the original pipe production line with the international advanced level, the joint production line, production line drill pipe, drill collar production line, heavy weight drill pipe production line.
Our company has advanced production and testing equipment and a long engaged in the oil casing production of professional and technical personnel , coupled with technical support from the Research Group of pipe , making our OCTG products more competitive in the market .
Drill collar is mainly used in the drilling process to drill provided WOB , so the drill is in tension , and its greater rigidity righting drills, maintaining wellbore trajectory. The spiral drill collars and non-magnetic drill collars, drill collars belonging to the special drill collars , spiral drill collars which is a whole cylindrical surface machining three drill collar spiral groove to reduce the contact area between the wall of the spiral drill collars can effectively prevent pressure difference and sticking . Without magnetic drill collars are mainly used in the oil drilling process monitoring.
Our drill collar heat treatment is a unique frequency induction heating for quenching and tempering . In this process , the steel member is rotated forward and continuously uniformly heated. In the quench-hardening process, in particular the use of inner and outer annular cooling water jet method to obtain a uniform and high strength . After a total length of drill collars materials heat treatment , the surface of the tube at a distance , " the Agency to ensure hardness of 285 to 341.
Drill collars including glossy drill collars , spiral drill collars, as well as with kava tank , hanging slot drill collars and wear ring products .
We offer lengths from 5 feet to 32 feet long drill collar products diameter range is 3-1/8 various lengths " to 11 ."
According drill collars requirements continue to increase , the company developed thick-walled tube frequency quenching machine to improve the overall performance of the drill collars , drill collars technology company leading domestic level .

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