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Centrifugal sand pump maintenance and repair

2013-12-17 14:08:12

Centrifugal sand pump is mainly used for circulating oil rig solid control system supporting. The role of centrifugal sand pump is to desander, desilter, mixing, etc. to provide a certain displacement and pressure drilling fluid , in order to ensure these devices work effectively.
1, the new sand pump or new for mechanical seals, mechanical seals work mainly on the seal, so packing gland must remain relaxed state, in order to avoid heat, premature to wear sleeves worn;
2, when the sand pump working for about a year, when the mechanical seal failure, you need to play by the packing seal, through the packing gland bolts pressed to divulge 3-8 drops per minute as well; When packing gland should not be adjusted in a timely manner to increase a packing (cross-section of 12 × 12);
3, when the sleeve surface wear layer (about 1mm) After being ground, should be replaced mechanical seals and wear sleeves.

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