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How to Adjust Interlock and Shutdown Functions and Bowl Speed of Centrifuge

2014-10-31 15:14:29

Adjustment of centrifugal, overload release and electric interlock, Centrifuge maintenance, Centrifuge trouble shooting, decanting centrifuge and drilling rig solids control system,All this job are important.

The distance between the roller and the drive plate should be appropriately adjusted. If the distance is excessive long, the electric protection will fail to function; if it is excessive short, the roller and the limit switch can easily be damaged.

After each action, the drive plate and the coupling should be reset. The safety pin, the roller and the limit switch should be inspected and replacement should be performed for any damage.

Adjustment of the rotation speed of bowl

The rotation speed of bowl is only allowed to be adjusted within the maximum active rotation speed specified in the specification or on the nameplate of the centrifuge.

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