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Introduction about the working principle of centrifugal pump

2013-06-14 15:26:01

Centrifugal pump with suction chamber, the impeller and volute. Inlet of the suction chamber is located in front of the impeller, the liquid to the role of the impeller; the pressurized water chamber main spiral water pressure chamber (spiral), guide vane and guide vane in three forms; the impeller is the most important work element pump over-current components, the heart, the impeller is composed of a cover plate and blades in the middle.
Centrifugal pump before work, the first liquid pump full, and then start the pump, the impeller rotates fast, the blades of the impeller rotation driven liquid, liquid rotates rely on inertia to flow to the outer edge of the impeller, the impeller from the suction chamber into the liquid, in this process, the flow around the liquid in the impeller blades, around fluid a lift on the blade action, in turn, blade with a with this lift equal, opposite to the direction of the force for liquid, the force on the fluid power, so that the liquid to be energy out of the impeller, the liquid kinetic energy and pressure energy increase.
Relying on the rotating centrifugal pump impeller on the liquid is the prime mover of the mechanical energy transmitted to the liquid. Because the process of the liquid from the impeller inlet of centrifugal pump flow of exports, the velocity and pressure are increased, the impeller discharge liquid through the discharge chamber, most speed can be converted into pressure energy, and then along the discharge line to transfer out, at this time, the impeller inlet fluid formed by vacuum or pressure, suction tank of liquid in the liquid pressure (atmospheric pressure) under the action of, imports, is pressed into the impeller and the impeller rotation, is continuous suction and discharge of liquid.



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