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Analysis on the causes for the cracking on integral heavy weight drill pipe

2014-10-28 15:51:17

Integral heavy weight drill pipe is made from AISI 4145H alloy steel.acc.to API Spec.7 and SY/T5144. It is formed by hot forged and fully heat-treated.There is wear resistance hard banding on tool joints connections and central upset.The types of hard banding include Arno 100XT and 300XT. All threads are phosphated,copperized or cold worked. All connections are equipped with pressed steel thread protectors. All threads are machined with CNC Lathes-Double-Shouldered and special threads.

Because of the bad working environment and complex underground geological conditions and oil drilling pipe easily happened in the fracture failure. From thread root fracture is one of the more common in drill pipe rupture, but because of the harsh conditions and difficult to control factors in the process of fishing, a lot of failure of drill pipe fracture was damaged, the original information that a larger challenge for failure analysis work. A well fracture and fracture has been serious damage for the bamboo shoots of drill pipe is 139.7 mm (5 1/2 ") overall increase tool joint.

Location well use price of 660.4 mm (2611) a bit open drilling and well depth 195. After the lom bamboo shoots (2011) 505 mm casing, two open using bamboo shoots 444.5 RNM (17-1/2 ") drilling to drill hole depth after 3 IOZm bamboo shoots under 339.725 mm (3 / s' 13,) technical casing, three with valence 3 21 a 5 mm (12 1/4 and bit drilling to 487.33 m 3 hole depth of drill hole. When taking the single pump driving wheel lowering, when about lm from downhole drilling string, suspension consists of 15 ot suddenly dropped to 12 ot, pump pressure dropped from 8.7 MPa to 6 MPa, up in the fourth column 7 found that increasing the drill pipe joint external thread break.
We can offer API standard 3 1/2"-5 1/2" integral heavy weight drill pipe.

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