• JXL Vortex Mixer
    Vortex Mixer

    Vortex mixer mixes solidoid additive with drilling liquid evenly. It is suitable to the basic equipment in configuration of equipments for drilling liquid.

  • JSL Jet Mixer
    Jet Mixer

    Jet mixer works generally together with shearing pump and is mainly used to mix chemical medicine which is not easily dispersed in drilling liquid.

  • JNQ Mud Gun
    Mud Gun

    The function of mud gun is striking the sediment at the bottom of circulation tank with certain pressure which supplied by triplex pump or centrifugal pump,and then mixing the drilling liquid evenly by agitation of the agitator.

  • Mud circulation tank
    Mud Circulation Tank

    Using the corrugated sheet structure,and with the “five stages purification,control of total access,total intrinsically safe circuit”,the mud circulation tank is well received by the drilling crew.

  • Vibration screen mesh
    Vibration Screen Mesh

    Plate type vibration screen mesh is one of the most frequent vibration screen,and be used in all kind of drilling operation.